Bridging the Platform Gap in the Legal Market

John Callis, creator of TrialSmart and DepoSmart from Clarity Legal Software, has extensive experience in both the legal and programming fields. John's company, Clarity Legal Software, prides itself on being the only cross-platform provider in the legal market. This is a huge asset to the legal market, because if you are a Mac user and you need to exchange information with a team member or a client who is on Windows, you can do so easily with Clarity Legal's products.

During a summer internship in the IT Department of a Dallas law firm, John discovered that there was no real, intuitive Mac-based legal software solution on the market. Realizing a business need for this type of solution, John decided to put law school on hold and to instead develop legal software for Mac and Windows. Early on, he knew he needed to have a cross-platform solution so that Mac-based users and Windows-based users could share materials. After searching for a suitable development environment, John found Xojo.

There were many things that attracted John to Xojo, the most significant being it's cross-platform capabilities. John really likes Xojo's rapid release model, stating that, "Knowing that there will be an update to Xojo quarterly helps me keep my projects up to date. We move faster and can be more responsive to our customers requirements."

"Xojo is an easy-to-use environment that has a layer of complexity if you need it," commented John. "It's a great feeling to know that you have something so powerful under the hood that others don't have. That's what makes my products stand apart!"

To date, John has six applications and servers for the main three applications. He uses Xojo exclusively as his development environment.