Beginner Software Developer Hits Home Run with the Arrival of CoachStat

Baseball application developed using Xojo streamlines statistics management for coaches on four continents; provides $10k/year supplemental income for beginner developers

Xojo, Inc., creator of cross-platform software development tools, today announced that CoachStat, a new baseball statistics management application for Macs, was developed using Xojo by beginner programmers Les Kern and Steve Lutzow. The new application has already been used by more than 400 people on four continents, and produces $10,000 a year in supplemental income. Because of the application, baseball coaches who work on Macs can now access a full-featured baseball team management program that automates their team’s statistics and other tasks, without relying on their previously tedious and time-consuming manual processes.

For Les Kern and Steve Lutzow, CoachStat’s success is just the beginning. After realizing how easy it is to work with Xojo, the duo are growing their business with several other applications due out in 2011.

The Background

When Les Kern, the Director of Technology for an Illinois school district, was tasked with finding a baseball stats program for his co-worker and school baseball coach to use on their school-issued Macs, he assumed there was something out there that would work. After an exhaustive search, he found the only offerings were for Windows. Rather than purchasing a PC he decided to develop a program on his own. With a demanding full time job, Les reached out to a friend, Steve Lutzow, to help with the project. Les had 20 years of IT management expertise, but he had no training or knowledge of any programming languages and had never built a software application before. He wanted a software development tool that was easy to use and had cross-platform capabilities, a full feature set and a strong development community.

The Real Solution

Les determined that Xojo was the best choice because of the following features:

Supporting Quotes – Les Kern, Technical Director, Illinois District 111

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