Create Your Own Job; Why one Italian Developer Learned to Program

During a time when the Italian job market is slow, many people are getting creative about finding employment. Learning to develop your own software can be a lucrative stepping stone to creating apps for supplemental income or even starting your own software company.

Daniele Murabito started developing software with Visual Basic 6 when he was a teenager. As the owner of a large movie collection, he developed a management app to catalog and organize his growing collection. Since that first app, he never stopped programming...

In order to improve and refine his skills, Daniele attended the Industrial Technical Institute to study computer engineering. After graduating, Daniele was hired by, a leading company in the Italian hotel industry. He quickly became interested in web development, contributing to some ongoing projects within his company. After 3 years working there, he decided to venture out on his own and founded Worksdem, a creative lab that mainly deals with web development and cross-platform software for smartphones, tablet and desktop. They implement the latest technologies and techniques of project management, “We push ourselves to the limit to get the best,” commented Daniele.

Before discovering Xojo, Daniele used Visual Basic, C++ and Objective C. Although they can be valuable for the right projects, they are not very suitable to develop cross-platform applications. He needed to find a development environment that would help him develop native cross-platform apps.

In 2011, Daniele was commissioned to develop a project that involved the development of a cross-platform management app for hotels. The budget and the development time were very limited, so he searched online to find a development tool that would allow him to create native, cross-platform apps. He found Xojo.

"I appreciated the easy learning curve from the start, because the syntax was very similar to Visual Basic, which I already felt comfortable with,” commented Daniele. “After few days I started developing my first management app with Xojo.”

"Although this app was my first one made with Xojo, I managed to respect the deadlines,” continued Daniele. “Thanks to this project, I had the opportunity to learn Xojo and appreciate its potential. In fact, actually 70% of our more complex projects are now developed with Xojo.”

Daniele has developed a lot of apps with Xojo, from more complex management apps to Mac App Store apps. They work primarily with businesses but do make some apps for the public.

“The first app I developed with Xojo, iFototessere, is actually still available on the Mac App Store and it is one of the top paid in the Italian Store,” said Daniele. “It allows you to create passport photos, for your ID or Passport, in few seconds. It has been purchased by more than 40,000 users worldwide.”

After the success obtained with iFototessere, Daniele developed BackgroundEraser, an app available on the Mac App Store that allows you to easily remove the background from your images. BackgroundEraser has been a success too, in fact in less than 5 months it has been purchased by more than 5,000 users.

“Thanks to Xojo, my development time is halved, so it is easy to satisfy every request we receive from our customers,” commended Daniele. “We collaborate with a lot of Italian companies but recently we are expanding our horizons abroad. We love what we do, and that's why, in all our projects, we try to transmit that passion and love that distinguishes us from others.”

"We believe that if you can’t understand how an app works in five minutes or less, then it is too complicated to use,” continued Daniele. “We believe that is not the customer that has to adapt to the software, but it is the software that has to adapt to the customer. This is the key to our success, we like to listen to the needs of our customers and create a unique and customized project for them.”

More than 60,000 people use Daniele’s company’s applications and the downloads are growing heavily because they work hard to constantly update their apps. So by learning the skills needed to develop his own software, Daniele created a job for himself and ultimately a successful company.

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Background Eraser

Background Eraser

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