Goldfish: Drag and Drop Website Builder

Yves Pellot started learning about development tools when he was a teenager and that sparked a lifelong interest. After high school, he studied information systems and business informatics and founded his company Fishbeam Software. During this time, Pellot also dabbled with web design, graphic design and publishing. As his business grew, he was able to connect these fields - development tools and graphic design and publishing - though the Xojo apps he creates.

After discovering a demo version of Xojo on a CD in the back of a programming magazine, Pellot dove right in and felt very comfortable with the language and concepts. He started writing code and saw results immediately.

Pellot’s first Xojo app was a text editor for web developers. He followed the Xojo tutorial and then extended the project step by step for his own needs as a web developer. At the end, he had developed a fully functional web development html text editor.

“At first the app was only for my needs, but later I stared to sell it on the internet,” commented Pellot. “I was able to start my business, Fishbeam Software, with the help of Xojo! Today this is my main profession and I have thousands of customers. Xojo is still my main development tool because it is so easy to handle and it is getting better and better over the time with more features, more platforms, and less bugs.”

“I also do web development, but my largest commercial app is a wysiwyg website layout app called Goldfish,” continued Pellot. “Goldfish is available for Mac and Windows in the Mac App Store and on my website. I started with Goldfish before Apple iWeb, so it was one of the first website layout apps on the market.”

With Goldfish you can build and manage a website with advanced features like blogs, custom forms, online shops, search, animations, integration of Facebook, YouTube Twitter and more. It includes views for mobile devices and you can do all of this without coding, simply drag and drop on a graphical user interface. Once a website is finished, it can be uploaded with the integrated FTP publisher to any web server.

“Unlike other website creation tools, my audience is more professional, they are often from design and publishing businesses,” said Pellot. “Goldfish has around 15,000 customers and this number grows daily. In Germany, where I’m from, Goldfish is a widely used website creator on the Mac.”

“Goldfish does not work with themes. You start with a blank page and fully design a unique website. There are almost no boundaries and no preset templates. Thats why I have so many designers as customers. Every color, icon and aspect can be changed and designed individually.”

Goldfish already has everything integrated that you need for a website, including advanced features like an online shop with PayPal checkout. No plugins or extensions required! By learning Xojo, Pellot was able to unify his interests - programming, publishing and graphic design, to build a successful business that continues to grow!

More information and a demo presentation of the features is available here.