Email Application Extends and Improves Functionality of Past Email Client

Matt Milano has always had an interest in software development. Currently working for Infinity Data Systems, LLC, Matt has had the privilege of being the developer lead on their flagship application, MailForge, which was developed in Xojo.

MailForge is a Eudora®-style email client designed from the ground up to run on the latest versions of Mac OS X and Windows. MailForge duplicates and extends the functionality of the last version of Eudora with features that include the ability to manage POP3 and IMAP accounts, easy search, full unicode support, the ability to view or send HTML and text emails, and much more. In the past, Eudora was a favorable and popular email client. But, like many if its competition, it did not stand the test of time, so MailForge is an appropriate replacement.

"MailForge is an email client designed to pick up where Classic Eudora left off," commented Milano. "As popular as Eudora was, many users were not happy with Qualcomm's decision to offload it to Mozilla and use Thunderbird as the basis for Eudora 8. There's so many fundamental differences between the two applications that many users just don't feel comfortable with the current state of the program. So, we designed MailForge to offer the same features and user experience that Eudora users have become accustomed to. This includes a number of features not found in other email clients."

MailForge draws a large percentage of its users from the Education market, as that was always one of Eudora's strongholds. However, MailForge also has a large customer base including business users, both large corporations and independent businesses.

Milano first read about Xojo back in the late 1990's when he was working with another software company. He quickly recognized its potential and adopted it. There were three main things that impressed them about Xojo. The most attractive feature of Xojo, according to Milano, was cross-platform software development. With Xojo, users can generate a Mac, Windows and Linux version of their application with a single mouse click.

"There are very few good options for cross-platform development," offered Milano. "Xojo is definitely the best of the options."

Further, Milano was impressed with the extensible nature of Xojo and it was key in Infinity Data Systems' decision to adopt it for development. With MailForge, the development team found that some of the things they were doing went beyond the ability of some of Xojo's built-in classes. They quickly discovered how easy it is to create your own classes and add in what's needed.

Lastly, Milano was impressed with the speed of development Xojo allowed them. They didn't have to create two versions of their application to support both platforms, so development was much faster than it would have been in any other programming language.

A recent review of MailForge published in The Mac Observer commented on the clean UI. "A super clean UI can suggest to the user what information to enter or what to do next. On the other hand a cluttered UI can lead the user to confusion. MailForge gets high marks for its clean interface."