Xojo Supports Creation of “Movie Draft” Screenwriting App

Top Mac App Store app developed using Xojo streamlines screenwriting process

Xojo, Inc., creator of cross-platform software development tools, today announced that Movie Draft, a top Mac App Store application, was created using Xojo. Hobbyist developer Mark O’Neill created the application in his spare time to help screenwriters streamline the development of their scripts in a way that complemented the natural creative writing process.

The Movie Draft application was accepted to the Mac App Store on March 15, 2011, and has since been prominently ranked in "New & Noteworthy" and "What's Hot" features. Since the application launched, Movie Draft has experienced healthy sales on the Mac App Store, allowing Mark to see a return on his investment already. Because of Xojo’s cross-platform capabilities, Mark did not have to develop the application for Windows and Linux, saving an estimated 18 months of programming. He is now able to focus on further building his Movie Draft application business.

The Background
It all started when Mark O'Neill, director of software firm iikon Limited, wanted to write a screenplay. Mark assumed there was software available made specifically to aid writers developing screenplays, but to his surprise, they were all basically just word processors. The applications only helped writers format their script once complete and lacked the features that would assist screenwriters during the actual writing process. Being a video editor, Mark was used to working in a non-linear environment and immediately knew there had to be a better way. He set out to develop a screenwriting application that complemented the creative process and allowed writers to work in a non-linear fashion, enabling them to drag and drop various portions of their script to speed the writing and editing process along.

The Solution
Having previously worked with Delphi and Visual Studio programming tools, Mark was searching for a cross-platform development tool and determined that Xojo had all the features he was looking for.

Supporting Quotes – Mark O’Neill, Movie Draft Developer
"Being able to compile across the three major platforms from one code base is like finding gold dust. Without Xojo, I would have had to effectively write my application three times. At the very least, it’s three times faster than any other development environment for cross-platform development."

"Aside from the cross-platform from one code-base, the biggest advantage is the community. I’ve never seen such a helpful and giving community of users. As a novice you often feel intimidated in forums and groups, but the community of users on the NUG (and now the forums) is simply irreplaceable."