Eight Weeks to Success

Rodolfo de la Garza was leading a research project on the subject of family and marriage. The study was a nation-wide survey taking place in 27 Mexican cities with a sample of more than 36,000 participants. His organization hired a development company to make an interactive reporting tool to share the results with key people including school principals, organizational leaders and politicians. The software was designed to deliver dynamic statistical reports to non technical users, and it was decided that it would be made with Visual Studio.

Rodolfo had to deliver the results of the project in 1 year. The delivery estimate made by the software company was 6 months. He and his team had weekly meetings with the research team and the development company. This was Rodolfo’s first experience with software development projects, and he soon learned they had a serious problem. After 10 months the company he hired had the software only half developed and it performed very poorly.

"About eight weeks before my one year deadline I needed an alternative, and it had to be a very fast one," commented Rodolfo. “Although I had not programmed before, I was comfortable working with statistics and very determined about what the software should do. This is when I found Xojo and started programming myself."

"It took me eight weeks to learn Xojo and develop the application and the results were awesome!" he continued. "We were able to deliver in time and the software made with Xojo was beautiful and very efficient... or at least not bad for a psychologist with no programming experience!"

In just 8 weeks, Rodolfo was able to learn the Xojo language and produce exactly what his company needed. Imagine what you could do for yourself or your business with Xojo!