Rubberviews from Match Software


Between tablets at 1024x768 and high dpi screens at 2550x1600, designing windows in Xojo can be a challenge. Too big, too small, a fixed width won't do. Why not let the user decide? Design your window at the size you like best, let RubberViews do the rest.

RubberViews maintains the place and relative size of every control when a Window or Container Control is resized. It also makes sure the content is resized to fit: font size, including styled text in TextAreas, as well as ListBoxes RowHeight, Pictures in ImageWells and Canvases. HTMLViewer as well. That extends to the Window or ContainerControl backdrop image, with the option to stretch it to fill the entire surface. All that is available with almost no coding: drop the class into your project, place an instance onto the window or container control, one line inOPen, one line in Resizing or Resized, and it flows right away.

Xojo extras are delivered by third party developers within 24 hours of purchase. Questions? Email us.