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What happens when your traditional web application server is hacked? Your business starts bleeding while you attempt to find out what happened and how bad the damage is. If private customer data is involved, you need to inform them and that’s a potential PR disaster for you. Since you have no way of knowing if the actual applications and operating system on the server have been compromised, the smart thing is to reinstall everything from scratch using sources that can be trusted. This can takes days or even weeks and could easily end up costing thousands of dollars. When servers get hacked, people often lose their jobs.

We designed the Xojo Cloud with security as the number one priority. Xojo Cloud has several layers of security compared to most hosting services that provide none.

  • Smart Firewall: Xojo Cloud starts with a smart firewall. Most hosting services provide a simple, dumb firewall that lets you open and close ports. The Xojo Cloud has an smart, adaptive firewall that watches the traffic coming in to your Xojo Cloud server and looks for the patterns that indicate a hacker. It can then lock the hacker out before they get in.
  • Intrusion Detection: Should the hacker get through that somehow, the Xojo Cloud employs an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) that looks for hacking activities. When a hacker is detected, the IDS locks them out.
  • File Change Detection: If the hacker gets past these first two layers, we can see which files were changed. This allows us to improve our firewall and intrusion detection and aids us and you in restoring from a backup.
  • OS Protection: We use Security-Enhanced Linux, which employs United States Department of Defense-style Mandatory Access Controls (MAC) which helps protect the OS itself from being hacked.

Cloud DiagramThese layers of security are too expensive for most businesses. Because all Xojo Cloud servers use the same configuration, we can make them ultra-secure at a reasonable price. And with the Xojo Cloud, you benefit from crowd-sourced security. If one server is hacked, we can use that information to protect the rest of the Xojo Cloud servers.

Your application itself has an additional layer of security: it’s a compiled binary. Web apps built with traditional tools are nothing more than a series of text files. Xojo web apps are compiled to binary code. Few hackers have the knowledge to manipulate binary code. This makes Xojo web apps incredibly difficult and time-consuming to hack.

No security system is completely impenetrable. However, Xojo Cloud has some of the best security available for hosting web apps. And we are constantly monitoring and upgrading your Xojo Cloud server to keep the bad guys out.


Other hosting services give you a blank server with nothing more than Linux installed. The version of Linux is almost always out of date and must be updated, users need to be created and permissions configured. You will need to install and configure Apache, SSL and SSH and if you’re using traditional tools, you’ll need to install PHP. Security is a must for publicly accessible servers so you have to consider that as well. And you’ll need to configure the firewall and then learn about and configure other forms of security too. A backup system is a must should the server be hacked or simply go down. And all of this needs to be completed within 15 minutes because that’s how long you have before hackers detect your server and attempt to break-in. Plus, when you update your web app, you will need to login and use SFTP to upload a new version.

Xojo Cloud servers require zero configuration. Your server is pre-configured, up-to-date and ready to go. The only thing you have to do is open your web app project and click the Deploy button. Xojo will automatically find your server, then upload and install your web app. It really is that easy.

Cloud DiagramMaintenance-Free.

Servers need to be regularly maintained. Other hosting services leave this to you. Updates to Linux, Apache, SSL, and more need to be applied and tested. There could be hundreds of updates that must be evaluated to determine if they are required or not. Sometimes installing them causes other software to stop working. It’s a job that must be done carefully. Security must be monitored. Old backups need to be purged.

Xojo Cloud servers are maintenance-free. We keep all the software up-to-date to insure security and compatibility. Your server is backed up each day, making it easy to recover when something bad happens. We take care of the maintenance for you, saving you time and money.

Database Support

Xojo Cloud now includes database access support! This database access is not limited to web apps, but Desktop and iOS apps can also benefit from plans that include database access. That means your database server resides behind our industrial-strength security!

Supported databases include PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQLite. And, you can even connect to these databases with your favorite database tool right from your desktop, making management and configuration easy.

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