Stefano Basile of Arkosoft, a software development firm in Italy, started developing software at a young age. After getting started with the Commodore 64 and learning Turbo Pascal, Basile recognized he really enjoyed creating his own applications and seeing the wonders that came to life on his computer screen. Since then, he hasn't stopped looking for new languages to enable him to realize his ideas.

“Programming is about solving problems, and I firmly believe that no problem is impossible. Finding a new way to solve a problem is a great motivator for me and when it comes to programming, I find perseverance in the challenge,” commented Basile.

After learning several languages, from assembler to C and Visual Basic, Basile moved on to web languages like HTML and PHP. After he and Danilo Ariano started Arkosoft, they realized they needed to develop for Mac OS X and Linux, as well as Windows. That’s when Stefano discovered Xojo.

“I must say that Xojo proved to be much easier and faster when compared to Visual Basic. Xojo allows me to write code once for all three major operating systems, with considerable savings in terms of time, and it gives to me the opportunity to accomplish many more projects than I would have with another development tool. In addition, Xojo’s simplicity and speed in managing interfaces is much better than Java and C.”

Arkosoft’s first Xojo application was Softshop, a successful warehouse management application with more than 30,000 downloads. They are currently developing a new web version of this application dedicated to e-Commerce, named Advanced, which will allow the user to manage various services in a simple and effective way.

Arkosoft also develops Ristomanager, an app for catering services, bars and pizzerias with over 500 installations, that is available in the Mac App Store. Ristomanager allows users to communicate between the main application for the desktop and the app installed on tablets used for order management. With Xojo, they were able to get this app to market much faster than they would have with any other development tool. Ristomanager is already receiving some great feedback, it is also available for all major operating systems and was developed in less than a year.

Ristomanager uses the SQLite database, which Basile considers to be lighter since it does not require libraries or servers to be pre-installed on the system, promoting rapid application deployment to a large user base. Ristomanager uses a specifically made protocol to exchange and transfer data between the server and its various clients. This application also uses the MonkeyBread Software plugin for managing printing on Mac and Linux and to create statistics charts.

“Our applications are designed to be easy to use and, at the same time, to fulfill all of the user’s needs,” commented Basile. “We try to create user interfaces that are practical and readable so even those who are not familiar with a computer or other device, can use our apps. In addition, we try to optimize more and more of our products, keeping them constantly updated, at no additional cost to our customers.”

“With tools like social marketing and our blog, we are constantly raising awareness and spreading the word about Arkosoft,” continued Basile. “We are confident that the ease of use and advanced features make Ristomanager an invaluable tool for any business in the catering sector.”

The speed at which Arkosoft’s developers were able to complete their apps combined with Xojo’s cross-platform builds allow them to create more apps and to keep those apps updated and current in less time. Using Xojo, they are able to make their apps truly come to life!

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