Country of Poland Teaches Xojo to 60,000 Students in 600 High Schools

The Poland Ministry of Education and Science needed a development environment to teach in their computer science program. They wanted to find a replacement development tool for Visual Basic so they could teach programming on the Mac. After reviewing a number of development tools, they settled on Xojo.

Today the Poland Ministry of Education and Science teaches Xojo to 60,000 students in 600 lyceums, or high schools, for students aged 16-19.

"We are very excited with the success Poland has been having teaching Xojo in lyceums all across the country," stated Geoff Perlman, President and CEO of Xojo, Inc. "Xojo is the ideal environment to use in computer programming classrooms as it is a modern, object-oriented version of BASIC that is easy to teach and fun to learn."

"The Ministry of Education and Science was looking for a programming environment to replace Visual Basic to teach programming on the Mac and we found Xojo a few years ago," commented Malgorzata Charezinska, Education Manager for Apple Poland. "We now teach it in our informatics program, covering systems management and computer programming. The students really enjoy learning and creating applications with a strong development environment that is easy to use."