Press Release

Xojo, Inc. Supports Students and Teachers For National CodeDay

Students and teachers are eligible for a 30% discount on popular development tool for CodeDay

AUSTIN, Texas, USA (May 19, 2014) — Xojo, Inc., creator of Xojo, a multi-platform development tool for the desktop, console, web and web-mobile, today announced that in support of national CodeDay all new licenses will be discounted by 30% for students and teachers. National CodeDay is happening on Saturday, May 24th where students in 24 cities across America will celebrate technology, share ideas and build cool apps! Their motto is to “Build something awesome in 24 hours,” and using Xojo, that is certainly achievable!

Starting Monday, May 19th and running through Sunday, May 25th, Xojo will be available at a discount to students and teachers. To receive the discount, email us at with a student ID or from an academic email address.

Xojo is a great tool for those learning to program. To further support students and educators, Xojo offers a free Introduction to Programming with Xojo textbook that is a great introduction to programming for just about anyone, regardless of their background. The book teaches the fundamentals of programming and the concepts introduced are applicable to any programming language. Recently Xojo also introduced a companion teacher’s guide that is designed for educators to teach students how to program, even if they have limited programming experience. Both books are available in PDF and iBooks free of charge.

“Xojo truly enables ordinary people to create extraordinary applications,” commented Geoff Perlman, Xojo Founder and CEO. “I founded Xojo, Inc. with the idea that programming should be accessible to anyone - not just something for the experts. We have worked to provide the tools necessary to help those learning programming to be successful with Xojo - from our free programming textbook - to users guides, webinars, tutorials, examples, and more.”

Xojo is a multi-platform development tool for creating high quality, native apps for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, the web, web-mobile and soon iOS. Xojo also offers Xojo Cloud, which is an easy to use, secure and maintenance free web application hosting solution that seamlessly integrates with Xojo. Using Xojo Cloud web applications can be launched with just one mouse click - no server configuration, security implementation or maintenance required.

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