WeatherKit for Xojo


WeatherKit Framework for Xojo iOS projects

WeatherKit for Xojo is an iOS framework wrapper and a set of Xojo classes to interface with it, allowing Xojo developers to use Apple's WeatherKit in their iOS projects. With these items developers can easily add current, daily, and hourly localized weather forecasts as well as timely weather alerts to their apps using the familiar Xojo syntax. Also included are methods for geocoding address strings into latitude and longitude and for retrieving multicolor SFSymbols all in one package.

If you'd like to see the demo project, you can download it from here. In demo mode, weather results will always come from Machu Picchu, Peru. Purchasing a license will remove this restriction.

Please Note:
Apple's WeatherKit framework requires iOS 16 or later.
This framework currently requires that you run your project on a physical iOS device to use WeatherKit.
This framework currently only works on iOS.