About Xojo Cloud Plans

All Xojo Cloud plans are billed monthly on the same day each month. You may cancel Xojo Cloud at any time, for any reason. You can request the unused portion of the month to be refunded by contacting Customer Service.

A Xojo Pro or Xojo Web license is required to use Xojo Cloud. Database server access is included with 1GB servers and larger.

If you exceed your plan capacity, we will sell you an additional block of outgoing bandwidth so there will be no service interruption. The prices are:

  • Small Server: $2 for 20GB
  • Medium Server: $4 for 40GB
  • Large Server: $8 for 80GB

Now that you have Xojo Cloud, what happens next?

Once you have received the email that your server is ready (this takes anywhere from a few minutes to an hour), launch the IDE, go to a web project and the Deploy button will be enabled. Click it to deploy your app.