XDC 2019 Sessions List

XDC Keynote
Geoff Perlman, Xojo

Advanced Xojoscript: Xojo’s Coolest Feature
Marc Zeedar, xDev Magazine

Android Walkthrough
Travis Hill, Xojo

Avoid Troubleshooting Troubles: Effective Debugging Techniques
Paul Lefebvre, Xojo

Beyond Linux
William Yu, Xojo

Using Messaging In Xojo Applications To Decouple Code
Norman Palardy, Xojo

Communicating With Xojo Cloud From An iOS App
Steve Koger, Greenbush

Creating a Picture Grid Control for Desktop and Web
David Cox

Database Topics for Programmers
Carol Keeney, BKeeney Software

Designing Your Applications For A Global Audience – The Lessons Of A Lifetime
Andy Little, Perception Bridge

Distributing Your Xojo Apps Using Xcode
Jim McKay, piDog Software

Everything Microsoft Windows
William Yu, Xojo

Get Hooked On Webhooks
Tim Dietrich, Consultant

Know Your Market: Japan
Yoshitaka Muraoka, Xojo User Group Japan

Implementing Mock Objects in Xojo
Yves Meynard, Lightspeed OnSite

Improving In-App Payment Conversion Rate In Your iOS / Mac Apps
Jeremie Leroy, Packr

Integrating Your Xojo App With Artificial Intelligence Cloud Services
Jim Meyer

Introducing Roo: Enrich And Extend Your App With This Powerful Scripting Language
Garry Pettet

Intro To Xojoscript: Xojo’s Coolest Feature
Marc Zeedar, xDev Magazine

Modern Continuous Integration With Xojo
Philippe Casgrain, Lightspeed OnSite

Sourcecontrol, A Tool For Every Developer
Gino Deblauwe, Use It Group

Success With Xojo In Improving Student Retention In Intro to Programming Classes
Ed Lindoo, Regis University

Text Encodings
Kem Tekinay, MacTechnologies

Using Apache Velocity For Generating Xojo Code From An Existing Database Model
Michael Dettmer, Dettmer Informatik

Virtuous Code Optimization
Paul Lefebvre, Xojo

Web Framework 2.0
Greg O'Lone, Xojo

What’s New In API 2.0
Travis Hill and Paul Lefebvre, Xojo

Xojo Mistakes We All Regret Later
Bob Keeney, BKeeney Software

Xojo Web - Easier Than PHP
Paul Budd, Consultant

Note: Sessions are subject to change.

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